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The REV STRAT Edge and Rules


  1. Must have INSIDE CANDLE followed by a break up or down of the high/low of the inside candle. 
  1. Rev strat is triggered(can enter) when price climbs above/below the 2d/u candle (entry) 
  1. USE VP to determine PROFIT levels and RISK levels by examining support and resistance from VP –  
  1. On ENTRY – only size in to HALF position – leave the other half position to be added on either a pullback to the risk level OR a break up and away and retest. 
  1. What is the purpose of the break and the reclaim – to stop out the longs and drag in the shorts – how do we know if the shorts are trapped? IF we are over the MAIN volume of the potential REV STRAT CANDLE – SO if we break over that MAIN VP level, we are allowed to get in using the same ideas of VP support/resistance AKA PT/RISK 
  1. If you enter using #5 Set PT and RISK VIA VP and take partial profit at double top area which would be the HOD of the potential REV STRAT candle – then play that level as over under and use the normal rules 
  1. A Rev Strat can occur with a 3 Candle (engulfing) Follow the same procedures as above by finding support and resistance via VP. 
  1. For a REV strat 3 Candle to occur, You will need to eclipse the INSIDE CANDLES main VP (1Candle) if you break up that VP level – You have permission to enter looking for an engulf. Use Risk and profit levels as described above. This also means on a shorter time frame you should be able to find an official rev strat. 
  1. The shortest time frame that I will play REV STRATS will be – 15 minutes but I prefer over an hour. Favorite is Weekly and Daily.  

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