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Our Faculty


Donald made his first trade at 8 years old and has been trading full-time for the past 11 years. Donald has successfully figured out how to pull money out of the stock market and has dedicated himself to teaching others that truly want to learn how to invest/trade.


Also a founding member of The Trading University, Ryan is an active investor in the market with 11 years of experience with the last 4 years being an active day trader. Along with investing/trading Ryan also has an entrepreneurial mindset and is also involved in the real estate market.


Justin is one of the founding members of The Trading University and has been an active trader & investor for 12+ years. His areas of focus include long term investing, swing trading, low float plays, news/momentum trading & scalping. His main goals with trading are to create generational wealth for his family & to give back to his community.

Nate G

NateG s a TTM Squeeze and Volume Profile trader currently teaching alongside other great traders in the The Trading University. He lives in Portland, OR with his wife and daughter.

CC “Cajun Cat”

CC is also a founding member of TTU an active trader for 4 years and a long term investor for 20+. CC's main goal in trading is to pay for her travel addiction and make a true impact in philanthropic endeavors. Her areas of focus are swing trading and long term trading (Will work for travel).


I have been a part-time trader for the past 3 years trying to absorb as much information as possible to become a full-time trader. I lean on my 20+ years of experience running large-scale projects and programs to apply discipline and risk management to my trading. I love learning and sharing with a team that has the same goals.

James D (JJ)

James D is a Charted Market Technician (CMT) Level 1 with a specialized focus on contemporary trading strategies. Utilizing tools like VWAP, AVWAP, volume profile, and tailored moving average systems, James has crafted a trend strategy that consistently yields success in the financial markets. With a background in entrepreneurial account management and a BA in Communications from Rutgers University, James combines technical acumen with astute business insight. He eagerly seeks opportunities to apply his strategic trading approach within the trading universe.

Gary S

From a trading perspective, I'm always looking for the next good trade - I like the longer term swing and spread trades using chart analysis to identify value zones.–Within value zones I identify support and resistance utilizing Volume Profile. Every trade has a stop and exit strategy. One huge benefit of the TTU is all of us share our setups and trade ideas. I post stock upgrades and downgrades every day on our TTU site, to help keep everyone stay informed. Always remember chart setups and news are key drivers for higher and lower prices.
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