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It’s always a joy to hear that our work has positive reviews.

We are committed to delivering high-quality trading courses, resources, and support to our members, enabling them to achieve their full potential in the financial markets.

  I have been a member of The Trading University for over 2 years. It has truly changed my life . I have gained knowledge in so many ways that lead you to be a confident and successful trader . The training has taught me the psychological and technical skills required to be a successful trader.  The most important part of the TTU is the people.   This is a trading family in which every member shares Ideas and truly helps each other.  Donald Williams ( master trader ) has taken the time to mentor all of us at the TTU. He truly leads by example and  is passionate about training us . The TTU faculty members have learned from Donald and also provide training and mentoring each and every day to all members.  I will be a lifelong member of the TTU trading family.

Gary “GTrader”

Faculty Assistant
I'm extremely grateful to have found Donald, Ryan and The Trading University! It's a place where people come that actually want to learn how to trade and not just follow alerts. Growing up, I was the kid in the back of class at school that often didn't understand, but was too afraid to ask questions because of what other people might think. Here, I don't feel that.  I like that I am encouraged to have a growth mindset. That failure is ok. That mistakes are ok. They want you to learn and my trading has improved dramatically because of their help. Thank you! 


Everyone and everything you hear on the internet say trading is easy and everyone can do it, just sign up and follow their services and alerts. Not Donald Williams and the team at TTU (The Trading University). However, Donald and TTU will provide all the necessary lessons required to obtain success as a trader. Donald goes out of his way to provide knowledge, explain various edges, especially his bread and butter trades based on Volume Profile. Donald and TTU will actually teach how to trade correctly and successfully. Donald will provide trade ideas and reasoning behind those trade ideas, just straight up learning for as long as is necessary, through the joys and many pains, until success is acheived. Donald and TTU are the rare gems you want in this brutal world of "trading is easy". Thank you Donald and thank you TTU! We are in it for the long run.

Paco and Christine

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to TTU for their invaluable contribution to my trading journey. Over the past year and a half, TTU has proven to be an exceptional resource, providing me with extensive knowledge and guidance in the field of trading. Prior to discovering TTU, I had zero knowledge of investing, but thanks to their comprehensive classes and the opportunity to learn from the master trader, Donald Williams, I have experienced tremendous growth. The TTU room, where I had the privilege to interact with Donald Williams, has been a transformative experience. Through his expertise and insights, I have gained a deep understanding of trading strategies and techniques. As a result, my trading performance has shown consistent improvement over time, a testament to the value TTU brings to the table. Furthermore, I am immensely grateful to TTU for their instrumental role in preparing me for the CMT exam. With their well-structured classes, I was equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently tackle the exam. Consequently, I successfully passed the first level of the CMT exam this past December, a significant milestone in my trading career. Once again, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to TTU for their exceptional education, mentorship, and support. The impact they have made on my trading journey cannot be overstated. I am truly grateful for the invaluable knowledge and guidance they have provided. Thank you, TTU, for empowering me to achieve sustainable growth and success in trading. Thank you Donald and Ryan I'm up over 100% currently.


I joined TTU near its inception as I was starting my trading journey. I was a complete novice and only trading for less than a year while briefly utilizing other services searching for knowledge. While I have improved by leaps and bounds, I still have so much to learn; “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.” As I was participating in a few discord channels and services I came across Donald Williams and TTU. Donald’s mentorship within TTU has provided a breath of fresh air based on education regarding technical analysis reading charts/candles, understanding the overall market, introduction and use of Volume Profile, and emotional education to calm the mind eliminating FOMO or the prevention of stopping out. This is not an alert room but an extremely supportive group of traders that are seeking knowledge vs. alerts. The education section of TTU has been tremendous regarding my growth as a trader and what I was looking for from a service/room. Beyond the TTU website education, one of the greatest advancements to my growth has been the ability to speak/interact with Donald daily and watch as he sets up his plans for the day, week, month, and year. His joy comes from educating individuals to raise their game as traders. His approach is straightforward and direct to provide insight into how he has become successful, and I have been continually stacking what I learn to create my path forward to become a profitable trader. He will tell you this is not an overnight process and as with anything, it takes hard work and dedication to reach your goals, but he is here to answer questions and provide feedback. Based on my experience I highly recommend TTU for the education section alone. If you like what you learn and want to continue to stack knowledge, the opportunity to interact with Donald daily is beyond anything I have experienced, and as stated above, there is an opportunity to learn something new every day.

Tom “TomTom”

To me one of the hardest parts of life is to find teachers who: have the right teaching, have the ability to teach, and have the experience to walk you through what you want to learn and accomplish! In trading I personally have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to learn about the market from teachers who have never made any personal money trading in the market. They had a nice sales pitch. Their technique seemed to make sense. But they themselves were not making any money with their own techniques, and their followers didn’t make any money either. The great thing about TTU is that you get to sit at the feet and learn from expert traders who have made millions of dollars personally and has helped many others make money as well. This is extremely rare in that most people who make millions trading in the stock market have no desire to share their techniques and ways of trading with other people. However, TTU (Donald, Ryan, and the rest of faculty) are willing to do just that. Donald is very successful and wants so many other people to be successful as well. What makes Donald special to me? First of all, he is a kind man. Donald is willing to go the extra mile to answer my questions and to teach me the ways of the market. Second, Donald is not some overly educated pompous know it all that is hard to understand what he is teaching. Donald has a sports background and communicates like a regular Joe. Which helps me pick up the concepts so much quicker. Donald is a guy you feel like you could go have a beer with. Third, TTU is willing to challenge me and push my thinking to help me see what I need to work on and/or grow in my understanding of the market and trading itself. Finally, I am making money. I mean to have a plan, get in at the right time. To see that plan go exactly as planned. Get out of the trade with the profit I expected. And if the trade doesn’t work to plan. Then I know exactly when to get out and lose very little money. Isn’t that the goal?? I am so grateful for the team at TTU and am excited to pass on this knowledge to my children.

Zac D




We will guide our trading family to success through an education that combines proven trading techniques with in-depth psychological self-analysis.

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