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Market Outlook for April 29th – May 3rd 2024

I showed you this slide before – I wanted to show it to you again. – I know many people want to turn their accounts into 500% returns for a year, but the safer way is to slowly grow your account over time. My goal is trying to grow by 33% – I usually beat that.

Lots of data on this chart but I want yoo to focus on EPS revisions ratio – that is positive – ratios will continue to grow

GDP forecast is positive – growing

ISM manufacturing is in expansion

The bad is that inflation is ticking up every so slightly

Where do you guys think we are in this process? Phase 1?2?3?4?

This slide shows you how things perform in the different phases. You can see SMALL cap performs well in the first 2 phases

As I have been saying from the beginning of the year – VALUE VALUE VALUE!

Growth is very expensive vs value plays right now.  We can play GROWTH companies through shorter time frame TPS methods, but I believe buying and holding from these points will end up being a bad decision in the long run.

Valuation remains about 2 standard deviations below the historical average…

This was the slide from last week when I said high odds of a bounce here and I’m playing it looking for this bounce.

What a difference a week makes! How many of you were paytient enough to buy something and hold through the entire rally… so far at least.

This is what I keep telling you guys.  You have to fight for big wins and allow them to make you the money when they work.  You are too interested in taking small wins and you step over dollars to pick up pennies.

Im still holding some SPY and QQQ calls from last week. Still holding some SMCI, NVDA, MSFT, UNH, GOOGL, AVGO and more

I push my winners.. Not my losers.

Of these cash machines on the right, which one have I said is the most undervalued? I said it over and over!

GOOGL OF COURSE! I will be playing this heavily over the next quarter.

I talked about adding to PYPL last week. This is a LT play that is in a weekly TTM

COST – This might be my fav chart of the week.

Another LT play in a weekly TTM

Google 2nd day play

ESAB – 195 TTM

For those following along with me on AMD – I have already sold the 150 buyins for about 7 dollar goal and I also took down the cost basis from the 155s to 151 through STO calls. I will be selling to open calls AGAIN if we hit the 162 area.

Again what I am trying to do is get my cost basis as close to 150 as possible and now that I have taken some profits on this name I am sitting at an overall cost basis of about 153 for the shares I have left.

I am still in wait and see mode to see where and when I’ll add back the 10k I have sold.

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