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We want to invite you to join us on Monday, February 26th starting at 8:30am EST:

The Trading University's 

2024 Foundation To Success Summit

With Donald Williams and the TTU Faculty



Volume Profile Will Be Your

Foundation To Success in 2024

Buckle up, fellow traders and investors! With a presidential election, the Israel-Hamas showdown, and interest & inflation rates playing musical chairs, it's like the stock market is throwing its own version of a reality show.


Get ready for some epic trading lessons because this event is the holy grail for us active traders and investors. It's like the stock market decided to drop some wisdom bombs amidst the chaos. Who needs a crystal ball when you've got the trading insights from these market maestros?


Picture this: the industry's crème de la crème trading professionals, sharing their most profitable strategies like they're handing out trading gold. This event is so unmissable; even the stock market itself would set a reminder for it! 🚀💰

What Will You Learn?


  • Learn the real secret to trading - How to make your winners bigger than your losers using Risk Management on A+ Trades!
  • The goal of the Free Summit is to give anyone and everyone a peek into the process and start being mentored by successful traders
  • Be a part of the action and get involved in our live chat room with screen share. 
  • We want you to ask questions and pick the brains of our Mentor Donald and our successful faculty members Ryan, JJ, Tom, Justin, Gary and the rest of our team.
  • Beyond just trading stocks, we will discuss day trading, options, futures, back-testing, long term investing, real estate and more
  • Learn how to find your setups that work!
  • Unlock the patterns and time frames to focus on!
  • Get an idea of what indicators we use while trading!
  • Find out how to trail your stops!
  • Uncover where to exit a profitable trade!

Donald Williams and his team of trained faculty will provide manageable insights, suitable for both novice and experienced traders, with a focus on the importance of timing, market analysis and risk management.

Monday February 26th 2024 @ 8:30am ET


Donald made his first trade at 8 years old and has been trading full-time for the past 11 years. Donald has successfully figured out how to pull money out of the stock market and has dedicated himself to teaching others that truly want to learn how to invest/trade. 

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Faculty Highlights:

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Jeremy - JJ

Faculty Member
Amazing SPY trader and huge positive changes in his trading since joining TTU.  He shares his trading thesis and plan in the morning before the open.

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Founding Member - Faculty Team

CC is also a founding member of TTU an active trader for 4 years and a long term investor for 20+. CC's main goal in trading is to pay for her travel addiction and make a true impact in philanthropic endeavors. Her areas of focus are swing trading and long term trading (Will work for travel).

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Founding Member - Faculty Team

Justin has been an active trader & investor for 12+ years. His areas of focus include long term investing, swing trading, low float plays, news/momentum trading & scalping. His main goals with trading are to create generational wealth for his family & to give back to his community.